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The only professional Cerakote applicators in the Florida Keys!

Custom Cerakote it ALL!

We will custom Cerakote virtually ANY item! Custom Fishing Reels, Firearms, Knives, Motor Shrouds, our facility can handle up to a full size center consul t-top and more.

We can restore corroded items, props, boat parts firearms and tools.

Take your fav fishing tools lke pliers or a gaff and custom cerakote it for a finish that will NEVER corrode, never rust, never fade, and is highly scratch and abrasion resitant.

Custom Cerakote

We will take your basic Black Rifle and make it any color you want, but what we really enjoy is doing a one off custom creation making your item truly one of a kind. Let your imagination run wild, Marvel themes, patriotic themes, there is endless possibilities. Call us today to start your project!

Battleworn and more

This Ar15 is done in 300 blackout, and was an entire custom build, the owner was born in England, and got citizenship here 11 years ago, this pic shows both sides of his custom firearm built entirely by Florida Keys Cerakote. The battleworn Union Jack on one side and the Stars and stripes on the other. Let us build your dreams.

Restoration and Refinish your Parts

The saltwater environment here in the Florida Keys is hard on everything, from car parts, motorcycle parts, to the obvious boat parts, it all gets corroded over time. Let us take your existing parts and make them look better than new! Restore the original chrome or polished finish, or a new color or theme, we can do it all.

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